Important keys to home ownership is a Home Inspection!

Home InspectionWhen buying or selling, a home can you afford not to know?

Home ownership is one of the most costly investments that individuals will make. Not knowing the condition of your dream home can lead to nightmares!

No homes are perfect:

Although on the surface a home may appear to be in good shape, our inspection experience tells us that in addition to typical minor problems, significant deficiencies and safety hazards affect many homes. Also, major maintenance and repair costs, such as roof replacement or replacement of air conditioning equipment, may be a near term or immediate concern that you should be aware of. The cost of the home inspection is easily recovered in the savings for both the buyer and seller when they are fully aware of the condition of a home. Home Run USA Inspections often helps in avoiding costly surprises that arise before or after the sell is completed.  Always have a home inspection report performed by a Certified Professional Level Inspector to help you in your evaluation of a home’s condition.

We recently completed a Stage IV Renovation Inspection Project in the Washington DC area with our contractor friends at On Point Remodeling. They have locations across the country, but their team in Gaithersburg, Maryland helped us with an interesting kitchen remodel that appeared to go terribly wrong for the selling homeowners. The homeowners were less than 2 weeks from the close on a 6-month flip when the buyer’s inspection team uncovered what appeared to be issues with the bathroom plumbing.  We were able to quickly assess the issues and On Point Remodeling had their team out the next day to remodel the entire bathroom.  After two decades in home inspections, we’ve seen a lot of bathroom remodelers but this crew from On Point blew us away.  They had the most professional crew and I’ll be recommending their quality and service to any bathroom remodeling customers in the future. For more information about their bathroom remodeling quotes, visit the website for their Gaithersburg location at Tell them Russell sent you and Jeff’s team will make sure you get the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

Who needs Home Run USA Inspections?

An inspection is an essential mechanism for those who buy, sell or own real estate. The vital information contained in an inspection report can empower buyers or sellers with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about the physical condition of real estate property.

Our team recently traveled to Houston to assist with Hurricane Harvey recovery relief efforts. There was a large contingent of home inspection companies who came together to provide inspection services and to provide written reports prior to FEMA or insurance adjusters able to get on the ground.  PrimeFirst Inspections of Houston organized this for the whole group and I was very impressed at the speed that they were able to get everything organized and getting property inspectors dispatched to the impacted areas.  We even had the opportunity to see how other Houston and Lousiana home inspectors handled foundation inspections in a flood situation, which we had not had the opportunity to see outside of a text book or training.  Overall, this was a fantastic experience and confirmed that good people are out there doing their part to help a neighbor in need.  We strongly suggest you to reach out to PrimeFirst Inspections of Houston if you never need property inspections.  You can schedule a home inspection here if you live in the greater Houston metro area.

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